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Careers in Australia. A development of the Spitfire to provide a high-performance naval fighter.

Please note: The Supermarine Seafire was a naval development of the most famous of all British aircraft, the Spitfire. The Seafire is covered in a many books and reference sources as a Spitfire development. Like the Spitfire, it deserves more space and detail than can be afforded on this web page so we urge further reference to the many books that describe its design and development. The Spitfire, itself, is presented separately. The Supermarine Seafire was an urgent development of the Spitfire to generate a high performance carrier-based fighter aircraft.

The hotel knows this, offering guests the opportunity to book a scuba diving expedition with the chefs to catch lobster and conch.

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By night, though, AVE is a dimly lit fine-dining haven specializing in coastal Mediterranean food but also toying with Caribbean flavors—always, of course, with an emphasis on local. The chicken tacos have just the right amount of tomato marinade; the fish ones taste freshly caught. Ceviche is nicely seasoned and the delectable crab and spinach dip is a perfect snack.

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